Founder Phoebe Carl YOGOJA

In retrospect, my hometown of Berlin, offered me great freedom; the freedom to enjoy all my crazy impulses. Early on, I fell in love with people, music and life. Inspiring people showed me love and kindness. Yoga was a breathtaking experience and played a big role – working with balance and energy; I wanted to give back.

Moving to the Australian bush, I realised how stuck we sometimes are. Pressure, stress and negative thoughts – all of them manifest illness and unhappiness. But for what? Society’s expectations can be put aside. Nobody needs them! Walls in our heads – nobody wants them!

With that in mind, my idea was to design an object that would add value to people’s lives. It sparked the concept of bringing beauty to a product that would be cherished in moments of meditation and relaxation.
YOGOJA was born - my appeal to let go of strangling thoughts, freeing us from all that holds us back. Colour and symmetrical patterns emerge in inspiring yoga mats, evoking healing relaxation to unify body, mind & soul. Our inner balance strong, our thoughts clear, we live aware and relaxed. Without fear and prejudice we become amazing. Now we are Free-Flowing (a secret of happiness).

I work from home. In Berlin’s wintertime, I need a lot of candles and incense in the room, and some good electronic music. Sometimes, my girlfriend is at home, busy with her stuff but I am still keeping her company, which is lovely.
In the beginning, I did not share my idea with many people. I did not want or need other opinions on what I was doing or how risky it was. Just do it! Don’t listen to other people or fear to be unsuccessful. You learn a lot and nobody can take that away from you. Along the way, somebody showed me the secret of sorting things according to urgency and importance. Some things might be important but not urgent or urgent but not that important. With a good structure, we will always do what is important and urgent right now. Also, it does not need to perfect! It just has to be good enough.

When I thought about packaging, I wanted something different and sustainable. Normally, yoga mats are packed in a (plastic) wrap. People throw that away immediately. I decided to give away yoga bags with every mat. The mat would be protected, no plastic or packaging material would be wasted and a beautiful hand-designed card would delight the customer.

Next year, my partner and I, will move from Berlin to Australia for at least two years. I am very excited about it, especially because it’s the first big journey for my girlfriend. I am waiting impatiently to show her all the beautiful things, scenery and people that have fascinated me for the last four years.