Founder Ella Goodwin YOGA CATS

As an only child I spent a lot of time alone so I grew up with a love for making and was always making my own clothes and accessories from an early age. When I would spend summers at my fathers (who lived abroad) I would fill the sketchbooks that he gave me. So when it came to what to do as a supposed adult I studied Theatrical Costume which along the way led to Animation and which I studied to an MA Level before focusing on Illustration. I always loved cats with a passion and as they are particularly bendy creatures they were most suitable for the yoga cats! I also write stories and make many more things from home wares to dolls to DIY kits.

I work from my home studios. One room downstairs is filled with kitsch décor and plants with the light streaming in and this is where I draw, the room upstairs is where I sew, print and package orders. I listen to a mixture of Radio 4, Ska and Japanese electro such as Lullatone (give them a listen, so relaxing and uplifting!) and various podcasts. My two cats serve as my assistants generally overseeing that I am getting on with it and earning my keep so I can buy them dreamies!
I make everything myself in house, my fabric is printed by a small independent UK company which means not only a quick turnaround but also that I know all of my materials are ethically sourced.

I have created illustrations for cat sanctuaries to use on their marketing, I also provide illustration to the Fierce Babe Network which encourage women to support other women in so many ways and have sold original pieces of work for various animals causes from Moon Bears to Stopping the Badger Cull. I’m always open to anything like this that is close to my heart.

I have been learning ceramics this year, once a week I go to what I call my ceramic meditation classes. I’ve really enjoyed the process and never intended it to be more than a hobby. However I’ve found that when I’ve posted the results so many people wanted to buy them I have started selling the odd piece. So, I hope to grow this next year as well as continue to work on my stories and illustration.