Founder Lucy Edge YOGACLICKS

I was a burnt out corporate who straightened out in the yoga schools of India and wrote a book about my journey. Readers of Yoga School Dropout told me yoga had also woken them up to their creativity, giving them the courage to take the leap and realise their dream.

I created this online eco yoga shop in order to champion these yogi makers and creators and inspire other yogis to follow their dream. We sell ethical yoga clothing, eco yoga mats, yoga gifts and yoga jewellery. All of it beautifully and sustainably made by yogis.
I want to make our yoga choices mean more. I have always loved that feeling of being on a shared journey with my fellow yogis – the way we are all on the path to personal transformation, and our commitment to living sustainably. I want to see that reflected in our buying decisions.

Being able to buy from other yogis means not only do you get a yoga mat or yoga pants designed by someone who knows what you need, you’re also connecting with people who share your values, and supporting people in the realisation of their dream. You’re also inspiring yourself with the power of yoga, and who knows, maybe one day you’ll realise your own dream. I have had a hand in quite a few of our products – the lavender eye pillow being my favourite - and it's been such a kick to be able to support local businesses and help other people get more out of their time on their yoga mat.
No day is an average day when you work with so many yogi makers! I never know what’s coming next; a pair of yoga leggings made out of recycled coffee grounds, yoga pants made out of recycled bottles, yoga jewellery made out of recycled silver, a box of hangtags impregnated with seeds, a chakra-balancing mala bracelet. But every day does start with yoga, even if I only have half an hour.

I roll out my mat, looking up at the underside of my desk as I take time to slow down and breathe. It helps me clear my mind, listen to new ideas and it gives me the courage to keep going when the going gets tough. There is no way I could do what I do without yoga, and my lavender eye pillow