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Yoga teachers


Yoga Teacher Programme

Yoga teachers are the lifeblood of the yoga community and generous discounts are our way of showing gratitude for everything you do.

Eligible teachers can buy from the YogaClicks yoga shop at 20% off, even if you only want one yoga mat.

As a member of our Yoga Teacher Programme we are also happy to promote your special events. For FREE! Across our 50,000 strong social media platforms! More on this when your application is approved.

How to apply

To apply for our yoga shop discount please email us a link to your class schedule.


We aim to get back to you really quickly but please allow us up to 7 days.

Share what you're up to

We can’t wait to see your purchases in action so please tag us with @yogaclicks so we can repost and share the love.

Unbranded and personalised mats

We also offer unbranded mats, and mats with your logo. Please email us for more information.

Join our Affiliate Scheme

Please also see the YogaClicks Affiliates page for more on how you can make some extra money and help us spread the word about our amazing community of yogi makers and designers.

Please note:The discount code we will send you is exclusive to you. Please do not share it with anyone else. If you do, we reserve the right to remove you from the programme.

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