Founder Juliette Sanders TAME THE BULL

I have a bachelor in Hotel Administration. My first position was product marketeer for a hotel chain and from there I moved into marketing communications. I have worked (mostly interim/freelance) for big (corporate) businesses such as Ogilvy&Mather, Shell, ING and Heineken. But after 20 years I got fed up so I took some time off to clear my head and make space for new ideas. During that period I often went to yoga and seriously, on the day that I had given up on the idea of getting an idea, I wondered where my yoga teacher got her leggings from. That’s how it all started.

I am still able to work from home. I have a beautiful quiet office upstairs overlooking the small garden with lots of birds and squirrels. But we also took in a puppy last June so now I often work downstairs at the kitchen table. The dog is adorable but also a very demanding breed so Tues and Thurs (‘my’ doggie days) are not my most productive working days. However I love spending time walking and raising him. I take my phone for possible emergency but other than that I use this time to be mindful. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday I take my appointments, that includes yoga ;-) or working from an inspiring place. I also work on Saturday and Sunday. That comes with being your own boss. But since I have been running this business, I don’t see work as work any more.
Our clothes are made in smaller factories in Portugal, which have an open door policy. They are EU regulated and I can see for myself that workers are treated fairly. Never would I produce my stuff in factories I can’t visit. To me, caring for the environment and people is the number one priority. Since the only way to downsize fashions’ footprint is to buy less fashion I make sure that Tame The Bull pieces are high quality and built to last.

I use manmade fibres for the garments and recycled plastic for the packaging. The manmade fibres are industrially made but they do not use land and water so they have the same footprint as natural fibres. We need them for sweaty activities and in general they last longer.

I am excited about the fact that after 1.5 years we have already reached a breakeven level and that most yogi professionals have heard about the brand. It is truly cool to step into a class and to see the teacher wearing our clothes.
Experience has confirmed some of my favourite sayings. But I never knew how true they were until recently. For example:

You can do anything you want as long as you belief in it yourself (I didn’t have any experience running a fashion business at all and if I had knew how much energy it costs to learn I probably wouldn’t have started ;-)
You need to get out of your comfort zone if you want growth. Freelancing was super easy money and now all of my savings are in my brand. That can be freakin scary, but on a personal level I have so much more fun.
Letting go can be very rewarding. Sometimes I get so stressed out that the only remedy is to leave it all behind for couple of days and that really helps.
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