Sustainable fashion, materials and design

YogaClicks is proud to be the first yoga shop in the world to be accredited as a carbon neutral organisation (by Carbon Footprint Ltd). We’re also very excited to be the first multi-brand yoga shop in Europe to pass the tough ethical audit carried out by The Ethical Company Organisation, and to have successfully attained official Ethical Accreditation.

As a community of committed yogi makers, it’s only natural that we put sustainability at the heart of everything we do. We know that authenticity, trust and transparency make for a sustainable business.

We’re focused on creating social impact – in the materials we use, the suppliers we choose, and the way we work with other people – collaboratively, transparently and with a sense of freedom.

Sustainable yoga clothing

We make on trend yoga pants out of coffee grounds, recycled plastic, organic cotton, bamboo, and hemp.

Sustainable materials

We design beautiful yoga mats that are both sticky and sustainable. We create yoga gift bags out of almond shells. We plant seeds in our hangtags.

Social sustainability

We work with artisan villagers in Bali, Nepal, Kerala, and even Norfolk. We give to charities – helping young women in India, orphaned baby elephants in Africa, the rainforests of South America.

We connect yogi makers with people who share the same ethics and values, enabling us to better look after each other, the planet, and ourselves.

Urban Goddess is made in fair certified factories from certified organic cotton. Creator Marlene Smits has a recycling collaboration with the Salvation Army; old Urban Goddess clothes that are still wearable go to people in need, and the ones that aren’t wearable are used to make blankets for the homeless.

We chose to sell Ponderlily planners because they are made with high-quality and sustainable materials. Each planner or journal is crafted with recycled paper, vegetable-based ink and REACH compliant 100% rayon covers. Good for people and the planet.

FAIR WAGES. PawPaw clothes are made of organic cotton in a GOTS approved factory in India. Workers get a living wage, to better support their families. The collection travels by boat to Sweden and customer orders are sent out in a small bag made out of recycled cotton.
Starseeds is a slow fashion label. Chief designer Natalia Zawada preserves the beauty of her natural colour palette with slow-dying techniques, using bamboo to create Starseeds’ trademark softness, ramie and hemp to createdurability, and a super-cool yarn impregnated with waste coffee grounds to absorb sweat.

COMPASSION. At the heart of Asquith London is Alice’s commitment to the yoga principle of Ahimsa - compassion for all living things. All materials are ethically grown, completely chemical free and sustainable.

Yoga is about bringing more calmness, kindness and compassion into this crazy world. That’s why our rubber mat maker, Phantai, donates some of their profits to important causes like mental health awareness, cancer treatments, and elephant protection.
GIVING HOPE. Free Spirit is ethically made from organic cotton and bamboo in South India. The factory workers are treated well, paid a fair wage, the conditions are clean and safe and the factory gives back to the local community by supporting women and children in need. Founder Christina Gill donates 5% of sales to and into education.

Nathalie Bond keeps it simple – no animal testing ever. Like us she believes in celebrating nature to beautify our skin, bodies and make our homes smell glorious. The basic principle is that less is more – a few high-quality organic ingredients, and always animal kind.

YogaClicks’ eye pillows are made with Norfolk lavender and organic wheat by local craftspeople.

The labels in our recycled yoga mats are handstitched by a local seamstress. Our wheatbags are handmade by a villager who Lucy and David met in one of the local sewing shops.