Founder's Trina & Charlene Solomon SOLOSOL MOVEMENT

SoloSol Movement is the creation of two sisters, Charlene & Trina Solomon, with the inspiration to create active wear that blended fashion, fitness and functionality.

Says Trina, “Our mother took me to my first yoga class when I was twelve, so perhaps it’s no surprise that I became a yoga teacher. The benefits of yoga are immeasurable. Yoga makes people happier, healthier and more connected. Yoga helps people find their true selves.

We are testimony to the belief that yoga gives us the courage to find our true self and reach for our dreams. Hiking the 4,421 metre Mount Whitney with my sister Charlene, we realised how connected we were on a deeper level and how this connection would enable us to work together with ease.
It was also during this time that we discussed the importance of what you wear. For two shy girls, clothing is not just functional, clothing is expression. What you wear allows you to convey your style. It can boost your mood. It can improve your day. We started to imagine the possibilities of what we could create. We decided to realise our dream - designing active wear for the adventure seeking, wild hearted, and free spirited. Charlene would take care of the business and I would design the prints.

The tricky part is that Charlene currently lives in Austin, Texas and Trina lives in Manhattan Beach, California where the company is headquartered. We spend a lot of time on Skype and on the phone. Although, we have a small office, which is also where all the inventory is stored, we spend most of our time on our laptops. Because we like multi-tasking, you will often found us sprawled out on the floor stretching while working away on the computer or tanning on the beach while managing our social media or in line for a latte and processing a wholesale order.

One of the most difficult things about running your own business is holding the vision. When you start a business, you come up with this business plan, you tell people about it and then you work diligently to execute it. There will be many challenges - from people who do not support you to big financial decisions to production issues to self-doubt. The challenges are inevitable. But there is nothing more rewarding than when things come together, when a deal goes through, when there is success. You have to use this success to fuel you to keep going.
Wanting to work up close and personal with small-scale producers, our clothing is made on the magical tropical island of Bali. We work with an amazing family owned, female operated factory that has been fantastic. The process that we use to print our fabrics is a chemical free and we source all off our fabrics locally in Bali to reduce our carbon footprint.

We were very excited when we went to Bali for the first time and found the Bali Dog Adoption and Rehabilitation Center (BARC). This is an amazing foundation that rescues abused and neglected dogs and rehabilitates them so they can be adopted. We give back a portion of proceeds to help support their work. We cannot say enough good things about what they are doing. To date the centre has rescued and rehabilitated over 4,000 dogs. Woof Woof.”