Founder Nicci Dhamu SOHAVI

I’m a Londoner, Kenyan born with a background in fashion. In 2011 I was at a crossroads in my life – I wanted to live with freedom and authenticity but wasn’t sure which direction to take. One day the wind blew some dusty old jewellery designs across my desk. Here was my answer.

Tapping into my creative source, with the help of my 17 year strong Hatha and Kundalini practice, I invited the great alchemists, the elements, adventure, and beauty in all its guises, to guide my heart and my hand. The result was Sohavi – jewellery with soul.
I usually work alone work from my office where I juggle talking to my suppliers in Thailand and India across different time zones. Being creative is like meditation so sometimes I work in silence, enjoying listening to the birds singing near the window. Other times I listen to Snatam Kaur, or traditional kirtan, especially when I am hand-finishing a piece. I find music very relaxing.

Working alone can be isolating because of the need to be in one’s head, so it’s really important that I also spend time with like-minded souls – after all, the soul is what Sohavi’s all about. I also take care to nourish my soul by unplugging from my tech devices and spending time in nature, refreshing my mind and connecting to spirit, as that’s where my inspiration, creativity and direction come from.
One of the biggest challenges for me has been learning about the various gemstones, metals, processes and finishes but it’s exciting to see that what starts out as an idea is achievable with passion and consistent effort. And through this experience I have become more confident in decision making, especially where design and production is concerned. I am especially proud of the fact that our mala bead collection is made in India, employing women from a local village who are paid fairly for their work.