Founder Vernoniek Vermeulen SILATHA

I practice yoga every now and then; but it’s meditation that is now my religion. It’s keeping me sane in crazy times, which is practically every day. It’s supporting me to stay connected to myself, see things in a different perspective and it gives me space. Meditation truly changed my life and that I why I want to share this beautiful wisdom – to create a nicer world for us all.  

Staying with the nuns in monasteries and meditating on retreat truly changed my life. But, at that time, I was still left with a challenge. Like 90% of us, I hadn’t managed to make meditation a daily habit.

That’s why I started in-depth research to understand how to create a meditation habit. A very hard thing to do, as one feels unsuccessful while trying.

I spoke with one of the world’s leading experts in habit creation, BJ Fogg, and finetuned our approach. This created the Silatha Journey – spiritual jewellery and guided meditations. A proven method to engrain meditation into your daily routine.

It works like this: Set your intention of what you want more of in life (Self-love, patience, balance)
Hold your piece of jewellery - ‘your gem’ - during the guided meditations to create new connections in your brain that connect the jewel with the intention.
Short 1 to 5 minute meditations that fit into your day.
Celebrate the moment and enjoy being part of a community.
Meditation is not something that is natural to us anymore. We have grown up in a society where we are busy every minute of the day. Free time in which we can reflect is reduced to the absolute minimum, but it remains crucial to our well-being. By taking a break at least once a day, even for just a few minutes, you start to build a life with more balance in your life, and a sense of having all under control.

By making the meditations short, like 2-3 minutes, there actually is no excuse anymore and that’s how we can grow balance in our lives. ​
Regarding sustainability and ethics…. Shockingly, the jewellery industry still uses child labour. I wanted to be sure that this would never be the case for our stones. So, we only use ethically sourced gemstones that are natural stones, and produced without child labour.