Founder Rebecca Joseph REBECCA JOSEPH

I have been an interior designer for twenty years and still am. It’s a long time and even though projects are always different, it felt like a welcome creative change when I came up with the idea for my Yoga Bunny jewellery.

I started yoga in 2013 and my favourite style of yoga is Vinyasa. It’s a constant in my life, giving me space to think and be creative. The repetitiveness also gives me comfort and I recognise I have gained confidence in my life by practicing yoga. I love the yoga community because yoga embraces inclusivity, non-competitiveness and spirituality and I wanted to design jewellery for them that was different from the typical emblems. I wanted it to be easy-to-wear, flattering and to make any outfit look elegant. I also wanted to express a sense of humour that I felt we all shared but wasn't being expressed. I love that people recognise my Bunny’s warrior pose and it starts a conversation!
I run my interior design company and my jewellery business from my flat, literally at a kitchen table in my living room, which is challenging. Thankfully jewellery is small and therefore manageable, and interior design is mainly done on the laptop.

I like to work with 925 silver because it’s a recycled material. There is now more silver above the ground than there is under. I make sure that everything I do and use is thought through in regards to the environment and if it’s ethical. I sought out my factory in India because of the good working conditions for the staff. All my packaging is 100% recycled and I donate to a charity, the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, to support orphaned baby elephants. I love baby elephants - they’re adorable and although so big, they’re so sensitive.
My dream is to see my brand in the busy cities, like London and New York, places where people need yoga to release the tension and anxiety caused by living in a densely populated city but also at the retreats where people escape to - places like Byron Bay, Bali and Ibiza.

Starting a yoga-inspired jewellery is hard work! The three things that I would recommend to anyone, that have helped me, are supportive family and friends, the e-commerce platform Shopify, and social media.
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