🌈 Rainbow Gift – a Symbol of Hope and Better Times to Come

We’ve been through a lot together recently. Do you, or someone you care for, need a symbol of hope and better times to come? Do you have someone in your life who has helped you get through these difficult times? Has a key worker shown you what compassion truly means?

Do you need a personal reminder of better times ahead? Do you feel the stress of keeping going when everything is out of kilter? Do you need a bit of rest and relaxation – a bit of time out from the endless cycle of bad news and gloom and doom?

🌈 Express Gratitude to Key Workers with a Rainbow Eye Pillow

We offer this Rainbow Eye Pillow as an expression of our gratitude. We are donating all profits from its sales to NHS Charities Together, as our way of saying thank you to all the key workers who have looked after us and our loved ones these past months, often sacrificing time with their own families to be there for us.

We hope that it will inspire you to do the same. To express your gratitude and your wish that those who have dedicated themselves to caring for others, will now take some time out for themselves.

🌈 Relax and Restore with a Lavender Eye Pillow

This lavender eye pillow is filled with the best quality Norfolk lavender to promote calmness and wellness, and to reduce stress and anxiety. Warm it to help relax tired eyes or soothe a weary soul.

This rainbow gift makes the perfect gift for NHS staff, a yoga gift for a friend adversely affected by the events of the past few months, or perhaps a gift for a yoga teacher whose Zoom classes helped you through Lockdown.

🌈 The Rainbow Eye Pillow: a symbol of gratitude, hope and better times to come.