Founder Adriana Salazar Marcano PHANTAI

Back in 2013 I was so excited about my 200-hour yoga teaching training course I bought a new yoga mat to mark the occasion. After three months of intensive and constant practice my mat was completely destroyed!

As a sociologist and marketing specialist I like doing research so I started to look at other brands in the market, comparing the materials and their qualities. I soon realised I was searching for a mat that didn't exist – something that was durable and functional but offered more than just padding for the joints; a mat so beautiful it would inspire me to practice every day.

That’s why I created the Mandala Yoga Mat - to integrate functionality, support, beauty and intention setting - the mandala design is there to keep you focused on the practice, no more distractions, you have everything you need where you are, on your mat.
I work in a cosy, warm space. On my desk is a Ganesh sculpture, flowers (usually roses), and my Daily Greatness diary. I usually listen to music; I love Ed Sheeran, Afrobeats and the super-calming Deva Premal.

Creating a brand and starting your own business can be very challenging but at the same time is an opportunity to draw on our creativity, inspiration, and knowledge. And to create beautiful products and services that enlighten others’ lives. My simple advice is that you learn how to keep all your financial records up to date, keep a high-quality service always giving the best to your clients, and work very hard to build up a loyal and faithful community with whom to share your innovations.
As yogis we care about the planet so we use natural rubber for the base and eco polyurethane for the absorbent top layer of the Mandala Yoga Mat

We are also partnering up with an organization to preserve elephant’s lives. We care about their future, the integrity of the places they live and we want to promote a harmonious relationship based on respect for the species.

We are working in a new project for 2018 and I am delighted about it. I cannot share much more, but I hope it will be inspiring, creative, soul-working and pro-meditation. Stay tuned in 2018!
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