Yoga book inspires yoga shop

I was a burnt out corporate, working eighty hour weeks in advertising. Nothing in my life was working, so I decided to straighten myself out with six months in the yoga schools of India.

My quest to become a yoga goddess didn't go according to plan, and instead I came home with the idea for a book. A year later Random House published Yoga School Dropout. Suddenly I was getting emails from all over the world. As I shared my story readers shared theirs – how yoga had also woken them up to their creativity.

Making with sustainability in mind

Whether they were making yoga pants, yoga mats or yoga gifts, they were informed by their knowledge of what yogis need, and by yogi values – making with sustainability in mind.

Feeling inspired by this expertise, and desire to make the world a better place, I decided to create a yoga shop – YogaClicks would be a gathering of the very best yogi makers from around the world.

From yoga pants to the best yoga mats

It's a daily joy to work with these amazing yogis, most of whom are also yoga teachers. From sustainable fashion guru Natalia who makes yoga pants out of recycled coffee grounds, to Reiki healer Delphine, charging her gemstones with rays of light, to Anna – a mother of three who somehow finds the time to create beautifully patterned, super soft, eco yoga mats.

I hope all this creativity will act as a beacon of light to you, inspiring you to fulfil a yoga-inspired dream of your own.

With gratitude for the practice of yoga, and all my teachers.

Lucy xx
YogaClicks Founder