We love our yoga friends as much as our yoga. Nothing beats that feeling of kindred spirits on the same journey. We are all seekers, transforming our own lives and each others, as we remind each other to breathe!

Meet some of the special people we have met along the way, and find some new friends!

Sophia Andeh

If you are childless, not by choice or by circumstance, and you are wondering what life holds for you now, you need Sophia. Sophia is a yoga teacher, meditation  teacher and coach who has combined these  skills to creatthe Thrive Coaching programme-one-to-one holisticmind-body approach designed to help you create   a new picture of your future, without childrenShe also runs very popular retreats for, and by, childless womena place to connect with others going having a similar experience. Sophia also workto promote the inclusivity of childlessness within society, including within the media and the workplace, to raise awareness of the unconscious bias and narrative that may lead to childless people feeling invisible and stripped of their self-worth and role.

Finding Sophia

Website: https://www.butterflyandbeyond.com/

Instagram: @butterfly_beyond

Anna Ashby

 Anna is one of London’s leading yoga teachers. She is a founder and senior faculty member of the triyoga teacher training and regularly leads retreats and trainings in the UK and Europe.

 Anna’s teaching style has evolved over the years from her study of dance, in-depth training with established, classical yoga systems that focus on alignment, and a dedicated meditation practice that developed while she lived for 12 years in a yoga ashram in upstate New York.

 Anna is about to publish her first book, on restorative yoga. Expect the Bible.

Finding Anna

Website: https://www.annaashby.com/

Instagram: @ashby_anna

Try a class with Anna: https://yogaclicks.com/products/rescue-remedies-with-anna-ashby-four-online-yoga-practices-for-self-isolation




Hannah Bales is one of our yogi models and a holistic massage therapist and reflexologist practicing from home in Beccles, Suffolk. 

Says Hannah, “Yoga is an incredibly important part of my life that supports me both mentally and physically. Daily yoga practice for me is completely non-negotiable. 

When she’s not soothing our hunched-up shoulders, multi-talented Hannah can be found drumming and singing for Owl & Wolves - her four-piece band playing old-school blues, jazzbluegrass, and swing. 

Finding Hannah 

Facebook massage: @Hannah-Riches-Massage-therapist-and-Reflexologist-609541895802732  

Facebook band: @owlandwolves 





Julie Bickerton is a yoga teacher who aims to make yoga accessible to people of all levels. Classes focus on awareness of alignment, integrating the mind and the body with the flow of breath.   

Julie is also the owner of the Yoga Hub Hartfield - a beautiful yoga retreat and yoga studio at her home in Hartfield, East Sussex  an area of outstanding natural beauty and near the lovely towns of Tunbridge Wells and Forest Row. She offers bespoke mini yoga retreats that transform the stressed out to the blissed out  and was named one of the Best Yoga Holidays in the UK by The Guardian.  

Read our interview with Julie to find out more about her approach to yoga and life, and how creating a yoga retreat in East Sussex became a mission to spread joy: https://yogaclicks.com/blogs/yoga-community/spotlight-on-east-sussex-yoga-teacher-yoga-retreat-owner-julie-bickerton  


Finding Julie 


Website: http://www.livelife.org.uk/  

Facebook: @www.livelife.org.uk/ 

Instagram: @yogahubhartfield 




Roland took the launch photographs for our new “Made by Yogis” own label collection. We had windy days on Southwold beach and still days in Henham yoga studio and, although Roland had to contort himself into lots of different positions to take his shots, he somehow managed to avoid doing a single yoga pose. He’d much rather be behind the camera!  

Roland leads photography courses in Suffolk, Norfolk, and Italy, and is the author of a beautiful eBook called ‘Seeing’, helping photography students discover the secrets of composition. See his website for more information.  


Finding Roland 

Website: https://www.rolandblunk.com/  

Facebook: @roland.blunk 

Instagram: @fotorolo  




Lucy Edge met Brussels based yoga teacher Sabine Boone on a yoga retreat in Greece and immediately bonded over their shared love of yoga and raw chocolate.  

Sabine created Twists & Beans as a stand for nourishing the body, mind and soul. Twists stand for the twisting yoga poses with their known rejuvenating effects on the body and mind, while Beans represents the focus on plant-based food (including those precious cacao beans!). 

Read our interview with Sabine to discover her yoga secrets including her yoga teacher crush, and her recipe for Sweet Smooth Raw Cacao Ballshttps://yogaclicks.com/blogs/yoga-community/interview-with-sabine-boone  


Finding Sabine 


Website: https://www.twistsandbeans.com/  

Facebook: @twistsandbeans 

Instagram: @twistsandbeans 




Happiest on the beach, Mel is one of our yogi models, and a yoga teacher. She trained in Hatha Yoga with Swami Atma Gyanam at the Yoga Tree in Norwich and loved it so much she is now deepening her studies with a year-long training in traditional Chakra Yoga.  

Says Mel, “My hope is to inspire and guide people to take a more holistic approach towards their health and wellbeing.  My classes draw inspiration from the teachings that have been passed down to me, the ancient yoga texts, and my wonderful surroundings here in Suffolk. 


Finding Mel 

Website: www.downtoearth-yoga.co.uk 

Facebook: @downtoearthyoga  

Instagram: @downtoearth_yoga_ 




Annabel's classes are from the heart and, as you might hope from an architect, they are a powerful blend of structure, alignment, and creativity. Her classes leave you feeling strong and calm, inspired to be the best of yourself. She also creates beautiful yoga playlists that help transport you to a better place – a place of connection and beauty. (Find them on Spotify under her name.) 


Try our classes with Annabel: https://yogaclicks.com/products/vinyasa-flow-with-annabel-chown-a-2-class-series-for-creating-space-and-brightening-practise  


Finding Annabel 


Website: https://www.annabelchown.com/  

Facebook: @annabel.chown 

Instagram: @annabelchown 




Thea Cuttings is one of our yogi models and runs a gallery in Southwold where she illustrates ceramics, and sells paintings, prints, and cards.  

Henham Yoga regular, Thea says, “Yoga relaxes me and stops me feeling stressed. I love feeling strong and stretched, especially after beach yoga. I find it is so good for the soul.” 


Finding Thea 


Facebook: @GalleryThea 

Instagram: @gallerythea  




Mimi Kuo-Deemer is a yoga teacher, qigong and mindfulness teacher, author, and a YogaClicks Ambassador. She champions the balance of playfulness and precision as the best way forward in life, and believes that we should never underestimate the value of sitting, breathing and conscious movement as the clearest and most compassionate perspective on the messy and often unpredictable job of being human! 

Read our interview with Mimi to discover her most important teachers, the three essential items in her yoga bag, and why she has more in common with Calamity Jane than meets the eye. 



Finding Mimi 


Website: https://www.mkdeemer.com/ 

Facebook: @ mimikuodeemer 




Tara Lee is a mother of two and a London based yoga teacher specialising in Vinyasa Flow, Pregnancy Yoga and Postnatal Yoga. Named one of the UK's top five teachers by the London Evening Standard, she is also a popular teacher of teachers, running intensive courses for established yoga teachers several times a year.  

She is the creator of several pregnancy yoga DVDs and the award-winning Bump Yoga Mat. We are very proud to call Tara a YogaClicks Ambassador.  


Finding Tara 


Website: https://taraleeyoga.com/  

Facebook: @Tara-Lee-Yoga-181864925181818/ 

Instagram: @Taraleeyoga 




Kate O'Brien is a Dublin based yoga teacher, beauty and wellness expert, and author of eight books ranging from the spas of Asia to how to glow your way through middle age. She is also a YogaClicks Ambassador.  

In this interview with author and YogaClicks Founder Lucy Edge, she shares what motivated her to become a yoga teacher, what songs she sings in the car, and why she'd like to be an elephant! https://yogaclicks.com/blogs/yoga-community/interview-with-kate-o-brien 


Finding Kate 


Website: https://kateobrienwellness.com/  

Instagram: @kateobrienwellness 




Jeff discovered yoga and meditation in India in the mid-ninetiesHe loved how it made him feel and how he experienced the world and himself in a different way. He’s been teaching since 2002 - a woven tapestry inspired by his personal experience of vinyasa flow, Iyengar, AnusaraViniyoga, Jivamukti and Satyananda yoga. 

A creative sequencer, Jeff incorporates meditation and the philosophy of yoga into his teaching, hoping to awaken his students' sense of bliss and wonder and help them become more at peace and ease with themselves and the world. 


Try our classes with Jeff: https://yogaclicks.com/products/finding-freedom-with-jeff-phenix-two-practices-to-open-the-body-and-free-the-mind  


Finding Jeff 


Website: https://www.jeffphenixyoga.com/  

Facebook: @ jeffphenix 

Instagram: @ jeffphenixyoga 




Sarah is mama to a 5-year-old, 3-year-old and new born! In her spare time (!) she teaches Vinyasa Flow beach yoga every Saturday morning (our favourite way to start the weekend) and she runs Henham Yoga Studio which sits within Henham Park (home of the world-famous Latitude festival).  

Henham has a barn complex hosting weddings, eventsand food pop ups - like the Wednesday night wood-fired pizza night invented by her husband Hektor and Sam the chef. Sarah very kindly let us use the yoga studio for our recent shoot. No wonder the girls look so zen! 


Finding Sarah 

Website: https://www.henhamyoga.com 

Facebook: @sarahrousyoga @henhamyoga 
Instagram: @sarahrousyoga @henhamyoga 




Zephyr landed in London from Boise Idaho in 2002, and is now one of London’s leading yoga teachers, as well as being a YogaClicks ambassador.  

Her teachings combine creative movement, flow, and dynamic sequencing, along with alignment and kinesiology. She also integrates psychology, yogic philosophy, and self-study within her practice and is inspired by the transformative teachings of Tara Brach, Jack Kornfield, Mary Taylor & Richard Freeman 

Zephyr has her own online membership programme for her Zoom classes, and she also teaches at The Life Centre, triyoga, privately, and at treatment centres for addiction, depression and other dependency problems.  

We think she may hold the world record for the most yoga memes ever posted in one day. Subscribe to her social feeds for your daily dose of Zephyr-inspired laughter. 



Finding Zephyr 

Website: https://zephyryoga.com/  

Facebook: @Zephyr.Wildman 

Instagram: @zephyrwildman