I have always been a keen collector of inspirational quotes, stemming from my school days when I loved creative writing, through to studying English at university. Quotes and sayings peppered my walls and filled my notepads.

But it is only as I have become older that I have grasped how to use this habit of collecting great phrases as a guide for living my life. I now have a number of go-to phrases – or mantras - that I use for inspiration, focus and guidance. I also use mantras as part of my yoga practice.

So, I created Mantra Jewellery in 2015 to bring together my understanding of the power of words, with my love of jewellery; to create an inspiring collection that is a joy to wear and to gift.
We work in a small office in Leamington Spa, close to our retail store. Leamington Spa is a lovely spa town in Warwickshire, with plenty of green space and beautiful architecture.

I start work early – 7am – and get my most important tasks done first thing. I am at my most creative later in the day, or into the evening. I run, do my yoga practice, and some weights or stretching in the evening when I get home. Then I get my large sketch pad out, and do a lot of thinking on my own at home. I’ll then come into the office the next day, and brainstorm and evolve my ideas with Sinade our Creative and Brand Manager. There is always music playing in the office, and lots of lively chatter.
At Mantra, we are committed to helping to make a positive change in the world, bringing more joy, kindness, support and empowerment to people who need it the most.

Our ‘Mantra Changes Lives’ initiative works with charities and not-for-profit organisations to create jewellery to raise funds, show support, and build awareness for important causes.

We want to help people and causes that we believe in – and we want to do it in a way that isn’t heavy-handed or preachy. We partner with charities that we believe are working hard to make the world a better place. We create a mantra that links to their cause, and then design a beautiful piece of jewellery to bring it to life.
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