Founder Rachel Sundstrom MALATOPIA

I was born in Manchester, grew up in South Africa and now live in Zurich. Yoga gives me the clarity of mind and focus to transfer my creativity into my designs.

I love helping people on their spiritual path. My malas are essentially a tool for meditation but can be worn off the mat, as a way of expressing our devotion to the practice, or as a reminder of our spiritual path and personal intentions.
I design from my dining table because that’s where the light is best. I am particularly drawn to Amazonite as it reminds me of growing up near the ocean. I also enjoy working with iridescent semi-precious stones like Sunstone, Moonstone and Labradorite – it’s the way they change colour in the light.
My top tips for starting a yoga-inspired business are to create from your heart, stay true to your vision, and share your knowledge.
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