Founder Sylvia Daun KISMET

Yoga has changed my life completely – helping me to find and live my inner truth. It gives you stability when the world around is going crazy. It helps you to sleep better, to concentrate more, it brings you closer to your inner truth and it helps to live a more conscious life. Beside this it has so many health benefits - on your bone structure, organs, digestion. Meditation helps you to concentrate and it also helps to calm your mind and recharge yourself.

Yoga has also given me a new career! I have always loved beautiful clothes but struggled to find the right yoga wear for me. Either the fit wasn’t amazing or the colours were too bright – so I decided to start my own yoga brand with earthy colours, smooth patterns, high quality fabrics and a perfect fit. Clothes which are comfy and beautiful the whole day, whether you are on the mat or going for coffee with a friend.

My office can be anywhere. I’m travelling a lot – so I work in coffee shops, trains and at friends’ places. In fact it’s my laptop and my phone. The company office – a bright room - is packed with samples of our next collection and is an inspiring place to exchange ideas with wonderful colleagues.
If you start a company there are always difficulties. In the beginning it was production. It was hard to find a company to produce an unknown - they asked for high minimums and I had to pay in advance. We did the first production in Turkey, it wasn’t a disaster but it did not go well. But after the first production it became easier to find another producer – now they took us seriously!

Now we are producing with a family owned business in Portugal. We know exactly who is doing each production step in the process. We work only with sustainable fabrics – high quality recycled polyester, lenzing modal and organic cotton. We only use recycled plastic bags and recycled carton boxes.