Founder Delphine Brasseur HARMONIE COLLECTION

I am Delphine, a 38 year old Belgian Designer and Holistic Healer, also working in the Human Resources department of a multinational retailer. Having lost my job three years ago for the third time in 15 years due to company restructuring, I felt a personal lack of direction and stress, which was being mirrored in society as a whole. I therefore decided to put my creativity, my organizational skills and my passions for art, yoga, Ayurveda and all that is linked to humanity, at the service of the people’s wellbeing.

The magic power of the gemstones has helped me a lot through every transition stage of my life, as well as the conscious and holistic way of living – not to mention Yoga ! That’s why I decided to create jewels that nourish the soul. Since I started practising yoga as a teenager, I realised the importance of being in harmony with the different parts of our essence - our body, our mind and our soul. Yoga every day keeps the doctor away!
I didn’t want to just create the gemstones, malas and bracelets that you can find in their thousands on the web. I really wanted to bring something unique to customers to celebrate the uniqueness of each soul. All my creations are customised and the gemstones carry a lot of energies, as you could get during an energetic treatment. I really get in touch with the person, feel their needs, emotions, mental and physical states, or energies of the moment. Then I use my divine connection to create something special to support the person with peace, grace and harmony. That’s where the fun and the magic are for me; making everyone feels special with a special creation.
I have a special room only for me in my house with a wonderful and peaceful garden view - my “Heart Connection Atelier & Sanctuary” as I called it - dedicated to my jewels creation and my holistic & energetic therapist practice. This room is all pure white with lots of loving vibes and harmonious decoration. This is also the space where I do artwork like painting or dancing, connecting myself to the heart and earth element. I play Heart chakra healing vibrations music in this room, when I’m not myself playing with my Heart chakra meditation crystal bowl. Every time a customer or a patient enters the room, they tell me about their feeling of being or returning at home. I am so much grateful for this feedback as I do put all my heart in every piece of my home, especially this one, and as you know, home is where the heart is. I am happy to provide a secure, loving and caring environment for my customers and my patients when they enter Harmonie Collection’s world. My purpose is to be a light keeper - helping everyone to return home through Harmonie Collection (the creations and the treatments).
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