Founder Christina Gill FREE SPIRIT

After quitting my corporate job of eight years in the UK fashion world, I set off on my free spirit journey to travel the real world. Opening up to different cultures, meeting interesting people, developing an absolute love of nature and realising that it really doesn't matter if you don't “stick to the plan.” It was in this open space that I found yoga. Now combining my passion and experience of design with yoga, and an infectious mission to inspire others to follow their dream, (to use their wings!) Free Spirit was born!

When I'm in Australia I work from a co-working space by Manly Beach. There are a lot of entrepreneurs here and it's great to be surrounded by so much creativity! The space is run by Two-Space (a young start up) who turn restaurants and bars (that would otherwise be unused during the day) into affordable co-working spaces. My particular “office” happens to be a Taco Bar at night and over looks the ocean – it's really beautiful and we can even nip for a lunchtime dip!
All our garments are ethically made from organic cotton and bamboo in South India. I personally visit the factory once a year. I am able to follow the whole process from raw cotton being spun into yarn, made into fabric, washed, dyed, printed, and stitched. It's a good feeling to have full visibility on everything and know that it's coming from a good place. We ensure the workers are treated well and paid a fare wage, the conditions are clean and safe, and we are proud that the factory is also giving back to the local community by supporting women and children in need.

Additionally Free Spirit also donates 5% of all sales to the HOPE Foundation in Calcutta, helping children off the streets out of poverty and into education. I volunteered there for two weeks in January 2018.
Yoga has helped me see life from a different perspective, teaching me lessons every day! I have a greater awareness of nature and the Earth but most importantly myself. My reactions, my behaviours, what triggers me. This has led to much deeper relationships with others and a greater understanding of others – and myself! It's a constant journey of unraveling what is already inside us, and now I have started, there is no going back!
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