We are YogaClicks – the award winning yoga shop for ethical shopping, and the first yoga shop to be accredited as an ethical brand by the Good Shopping Guide.

We curate the best in ethical yoga clothing and equipment – including bamboo yoga clothing and eco yoga mats – because we want you to feel proud of what you buy.

Not just because it looks and feels great, and is affordable, but because it’s ethical and sustainable - putting the wellbeing of people, animals and the planet first.

That’s why we only work with makers who place equal value on human and animal welfare, environmental sustainability and financial growth.

In the interests of transparency we’ve decided to share the guidelines we use to determine makers’ eligibility.

Look for the icons on each product page as an instant guide to each maker’s operating principles.

It’s not a perfect world, and what we want to achieve is not always possible, but if you see the icon displayed you can rest assured that the maker is committed to conducting a sustainable business according to this principle.

Ethical Shopping