Founder's Cora Schwind, Olaf Tegeler, Werner Reimers ETERNAL BLISS

Body, mind, and soul. Liberté, equalité, fraternité. Past, present, future. Life has a deeper meaning when it’s lived in threefold harmony. The three Berlin friends behind ETERNAL BLISS embody the same principle, pooling our individual strengths to create spiritual jewellery that is inspiring, stylish, and beautifully crafted. Werner is a free thinker with big ideas. Cora has a highly tuned eye for design and an innate sense of style. And Olaf is a natural-born artisan who loves traditional handwork and authentic quality. All three of us find inspiration and strength in our regular yoga practice, which informs the both the content and design of the ETERNAL BLISS collection.
We are very much a Berlin company, and Berlin stands for freedom and innovation. The way we work follows these principles. Sometimes we work at Olaf’s apartment, and sometimes at Cora’s. This variety is very inspiring because together our homes cover the range of possibilities that make Berlin such an exciting place. Olaf lives in the eastern part of the city – which used to belong to the socialist German Democratic Republic. Cora, in turn, lives in the west, in the former “democratic island in the red sea.” Olaf’s home is a modern loft, while Cora’s is an elegant turn-of-the-century flat. Olaf’s windows look out onto a park marking the former route of the Berlin Wall, while Cora’s open onto a cobblestone street and traditional shops and cafés. This constant interplay of opposites helps us to see the world with fresh eyes every day.
We got our start in fashion, and first began experimenting with jewellery as a way to supplement our clothing collection. Over the years, we became increasingly frustrated to see fashion become something many people consider disposable – bought cheaply for a quick kick and thrown away just as easily. We wanted to create something that would provide lasting joy to both its owners and to us. It soon became clear that we should concentrate on our limited collection of lovingly crafted jewellery, but it took some time before we were confident enough to make the leap. Our advice is

Most of our customers are women. At the same time, the powerful symbols we incorporate into our pieces work perfectly for men as well. We have developed some very strong rings and pendants that we are sure will appeal to men, and we are excited about bringing the joy of our spiritual jewellery to potential wearers who may not have considered it before.
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