Gemstones and mantras have been used as a method of chakra balancing and healing for thousands of years. Vedic texts describe how the reciting of mantras and the ritual laying of crystals on the body can be used to clear the chakras and rebalance spiritual energy.

With a mantra-inspired chakra bracelet, you can bring the power of this ancient ritual into your everyday life.

Along with the inherent power of the gem, the bracelet also serves as a chakra balancing meditation tool. Akin to how you’d use a mala, you can focus your attention on each bead in turn as you meditate,reciting the given mantra and drawing energy towards the chakra each chakra stone represents.

Though there are many kinds of chakra bracelet, they typically come in two varieties. The first of these has seven different gemstone beads, each representing one of the seven chakras.

Another common design is meant to direct energy towards one chakra specifically. Since each chakra is associated with a specific colour, the beads of this type of bracelet will be made of a single gemstone to represent the targeted chakra. Certain gemstones possess properties which make them especially beneficial when used in a chakra bracelet or other chakra jewellery, so this should be what you look for.

If you’re interested in using a chakra bracelet but don’t know where to start, it’s helpful to familiarise yourself with each of the different chakras and corresponding mantra.

Crown Chakra

Mantra: "I am peace. I let go of loneliness. I am connected. I see beauty everywhere. I feel grateful, alive and full of joy."

Purple Amethyst for:
Spiritual growth

The crown chakra is all about divine spirituality. Amethyst is a popular choice for representing the crown. Used to cultivate spiritual growth, clear the mind, and dispel negative energy, Amethyst’s properties provide a helping hand to anyone seeking to balance their Crown Chakra.

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Third Eye Chakra

Mantra: "I am intuitive. I let go of fear. I trust in my intuition, embrace understanding and pursue my dreams."

Indigo Sodalite for:
Rational thought

With a balanced Third Eye Chakra, your insight, intuition and imagination will be at their strongest. Sodalite’s properties compliment this perfectly. Traditionally regarded as the banisher of illusions, Sodalite stimulates a keener understanding of your own thoughts and feelings, as well as those of others. Another beneficial gemstone for balancing this chakra is Kyanite, due to its reputation for cultivating wisdom in those who use it.

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Throat Chakra

Mantra: "I am heard. I let go of anxiety. I express myself with clarity and intention. I step into my truth."

Blue Aquamarine for:

Known for fortifying personal power, aquamarine’s properties assist in the balancing of the Throat Chakra. Aquamarine promotes freedom of self-expression, one of the key indicators of a healthy Throat Chakra.

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Heart Chakra

Mantra: "I am love. I let go of old grudges. I give love. I am worthy of being loved. I am blessed."

Green African Jade for:

Jade gemstones have long been associated with the Heart Chakra. The vitality of this gemstone strengthens our connection to the love and power of the universe, enabling those who use it to truly follow their heart. An alternative you might find is Prehnite; this stone’s reputation for nurturing openness and compassion means it is similarly effective for balancing the Heart Chakra.

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Solar Plexus Chakra

Mantra: I am enough. I let go of insecurity. I pursue my passion and purpose. I step into my power. 

Yellow Ambronite for:

Ambronite is typically used by those seeking motivation or a sense of purpose, both of which fall under the domain of the Solar Plexus Chakra. This stone fosters self-assuredness, empowering you to find your own path in life. Citrine has similar properties to Ambronite and can be used as an alternative.

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Sacral Chakra

Mantra: "I am creative. I let go of overwhelm. I am imaginative. I create my reality. I embrace change."

Orange Carnelian for:

For balancing the Sacral Chakra, Carnelian is a popular choice. Renowned for boosting passion and desire, this gemstone can help you foster and develop your sensuality, one of the major properties of the Sacral Chakra.

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Root Chakra

Mantra: "I trust myself. I let go of doubt. I am present. I belong. I am at home."

Red Garnet for:

Garnet is an incredibly durable gemstone, ideal for reinforcing the stability of the Root Chakra. The grounding power of this gem supports the unblocking of the root, bringing with it a sense of security and emotional stability.

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Sandalwood beads
Calm and focus the mind, soothe the soul, enhance your meditation and increase the power of your intentions.

Lotus Charm
For our unfolding journey, helping us rise and bloom above the murk, transcend obstacles and enjoy spiritual growth.

Hamsa Charm
For protection, power and strength, bringing health and happiness and good fortune.

Leaf Charm
For hope, renewal and revival, symbolic of fertility and growth, affirms our connection to each other – as leaves on the same tree.

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Which Chakra Bracelet is right for you?

Before choosing your chakra bracelet, spend some time reflecting on the areas of your life in which you need support or what your goals you might have for personal growth.

A single-gem bracelet may benefit you if you are experiencing a blockage in one chakra specifically.

Struggling with your self-confidence lately? You might want to wear a healing solar plexus chakra bracelet. If you want to improve your ability to express yourself, a throat chakra bracelet could be the right choice for you.

If you simply want to create a balanced and healthy flow of energy between all seven chakras, a bracelet with a gemstone bead for each chakra could be the choice for you.

Another alternative is to use a bracelet stack – comprising a bracelet with a gemstone bead for each chakra, and one or two single-gem bracelets as a boost for a particularly blocked chakra.

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