Founder Anna Challacombe BLISS CLOUD

After returning from a retreat in Portugal, I was on a mission to start a daily practice and completely transform my life. Then, after searching for a yoga mat and not finding one that had all the qualities I wanted, I decided to create my own… I don’t think I realised the work involved! I wrote an article at the same time and in it I mentioned that I was floating on a cloud of bliss - and the Blisscloud name was born.

I have always dabbled in yoga, doing classes here and there but never really committing to it. However in April 2015 I went to a week long retreat in Portugal, which, whilst not a yoga retreat, had lots of bodywork, fascia release and resistive stretching. It awoke something in me and I felt truly 'in my body'.
I returned to the UK, passionate about my body, its capabilities and in awe of it. I have practiced daily since then and I can honestly say my life has changed; in fact, it is unrecognisable. I am now a certified health coach and have founded Blisscloud, producing high quality, beautiful, ECO yoga mats. My mission is to spread the word about the dangers of plastics in mats and that there are gorgeous, healthy alternatives.

The mats are made from 100% natural tree rubber with a recycled top layer because it’s important to me that the products I use are non toxic and kind to your body. I also believe in being human kind and £1 from every sale is donated to The Karuna Trust, a non-profit Buddhist charity. Inspired by Buddhist values, it exists to end caste-based discrimination, poverty and inequality in India and Nepal.
I work mainly from my kitchen table, on my laptop looking out to the garden. Generally it is just my two cats and me… unless the kids are off school and then it’s much more of a juggling act. Time management is something I struggle with, and being organised. I am definitely a flow sort of person but I have had to be more practical at times and plan things.

When I practice yoga every day I’m definitely calmer, happier and more creative. I love the way it maked me feel calm and grounded, and I love the yoga community!
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