Founder Julia White BEAUTIFUL MIND

I am a Yoga Teacher and Aromatherapist and have always been interested in a holistic way of living and treating myself. Having Rheumatoid Arthritis as a child and then later developing Asthma, I have spent my life trying to find a way to optimal health that is as natural as possible. I was recommended yoga by my doctor when I was younger as I was not allowed many other activities, but it was really only when I was older that I began a regular yoga practice and then one of my teachers suggested that I should become a teacher myself.

I have used Essential Oils and herbs since I was young and after university, trained to become an Aromatherapist and then, when I became a yoga teacher, it seemed to make sense to combine the two as they complement each other when used and practiced correctly, and hence my business slowly evolved naturally over time as the two holistic practices intertwined and become one.
I make all my oils and creams in my kitchen at home. Before I begin, I take some time to sit and just be still and just breathe so that I am in the right space to begin making and preparing my products. I cleanse the space with oils and mantras to ensure that the space is clear before I begin to mix anything so that the energy is clear and pure and this ensures the products with essential oils and crystals are kept clear also. The room is completely cleaned before I begin and I make sure that there is total silence so that I have the space to concentrate on what I am doing as Essential Oils are highly volatile substances. Each batch must be recorded and I take notes as I go along, recording the progress. It is a lovely meditative process and the room always smells amazing afterwards!

I make my products myself and try to ensure that wherever possible I use organic or wild sourced ingredients so that few, if any, chemicals are used. I use glass for my products as it is the best way to store essential oils and avoids any toxins from plastics or aluminium affecting the oils. The products come as they are without loads of excess unnecessary packaging to avoid any waste and keep the environmental footprint down.
Yoga keeps me happy and healthy. Moments on my mat are my treasured time each day. It not only keeps me grounded but also helps me move and flow through the postures in such a way that it becomes a meditation all of its own and sets me up for what lies ahead.

Whether or not I have time for a full asana practice in the morning, I always ensure that I do my pranayama and meditation before I begin my day. Starting the day with some breathing helps wake the body and mind and remove any early morning sluggishness. Meditation helps give me the time and the space to just sit and be. It is a most precious time that keeps my mind and body clear and means that I start the day in a peaceful way. I use mantra and Japa meditation each morning to focus the mind before a silent meditation which allows me to go deeper. It is in the silence that we can find more than we ever can in the rest of our busy days so this makes meditation even more important for modern living.

5% of each sale of my Breathe Easy Oil goes to Asthma UK. I am working with them to help those with asthma learn to manage their condition with yoga and breathing techniques – to try and help them breathe better.

The biggest challenge when you’re starting out is just to get up and actually get going. There is always so much to be done and so much to prepare, but ultimately, you just have to get on with it, however daunting that first step might seem. Making your products is actually the easiest part, the hardest part is getting your products out here and getting people interested in them and using them. The best way is to give them to your friends and family to try – you will soon see if they are going to work or not. From there, it’s just a case of trying to spread the word and get your products out to more people. Social media is a great way to connect with others and share your new ideas and products.