Founder Anna Monasterski BARE SANDALS

I personally make every Bare Sandals order. Each one is personal and has a story. Each person is receiving something that has been hand made from the scratch with an impeccable attention to details. I began making jewellery when I was a little girl living in Russia as a hobby in grade school. After moving to US, when I got engaged, I had a super difficult time looking for appropriate wedding shoes for my beach ceremony. Instead of buying something I would only wear once, I decided to make my “shoes” instead. This is how Bare Sandals was born. From that point, I have opened my e-commerce store, and began selling my creations online and on YogaClicks.

Yoga came into my life only a few years ago, and I am pretty upset I haven’t started doing it earlier. When I started to practice yoga on regular basis, I immediately noticed an increase in focus, mental clarity and better flexibility. Doing yoga and incorporating a meditative practice helps me to stay focused and really prioritize the decisions I make in business and in everyday life. I also love that I am now able to touch my toes (for the first time in my life since college.)
At the moment all production, shipping, packaging, marketing, photography and everything else you can image is completed in one of the bedrooms in my house. I have dedicated one room to hold inventory and I handmake all my pieces there. It is a small space, but I have everything I need there: a huge craft table, plenty of storage space for inventory and shipping supplies and a white wall, which I use as a backdrop when I take the photos of the sandals.

When I work on making my sandals, I LOVE watching documentary films on all kinds of topics: from alternative medicine to biographies on different people. The film usually plays in the background, while I concentrate on the work. When I ship packages, I love to listen to upbeat music to keep the energy high. Anything from EDM to old school hip-pop: all depends on the mood.
Every year, I participate in multiple charity events and causes. Most of them are local, however, sometimes I will participate in national event as well. Locally, I donate 1 pair of sandals to a charity auction to help raise awareness for children of ALS. This is done every year around Christmas Time at a local school district. I have also donated several of my head chains to women with cancer, who are going through chemotherapy and, as a result lost their hair. This helps them feel beautiful, despite not having hair.

One of Bare Sandal’s photos is actually being featured on a cover of TAG Magazine in January 2018. TAG stands for “The Artisan Group”. This magazine is being distributed to over 130 celebrities in celebrity gift bags at The Golden Globes Award Ceremony in California. I am very excited about that.
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