Founder Alice Asquith ASQUITH

My love of fabrics and design was passed down the female line, from my great-grandmother, to my grandmother and mother.

At the heart of it all is my commitment to the yoga principle of Ahisma - compassion for all living things. All materials are ethically grown, completely chemical free and sustainable. They also work on the mat; we use bamboo because it’s a natural performance material. The clothes are made in Turkey, where employees enjoy relaxed lunch breaks on their sun soaked terrace - amongst pots of home-grown herbs and flowers.
I believe in the importance of doing your research, but also trusting your instincts. Make sure you know that your idea isn’t just a great one but a viable, profitable one. Research your competitors thoroughly and work out where you can sell and how you can market your brand before you start. Talk to everyone in the yoga world that you know and introduce yourself to those you don’t yet know and would like to know.
It’s a wonderful, friendly community and people love to help. Be sensible about how and where you invest but go with your gut. Nine times out of ten when I haven’t I wish I had and it bites me back.
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