Founder Annakatja Hoogesteger ANNAKATAIKA

I was born and raised in Holland, have studied art and painting in Italy, lived half of my life on the Italian Alps, and now in Finland with my three kids. I found yoga or yoga found me while living in the mountains and the children where little and not at school yet. Yoga has kept me strong through difficult moments and changes in my life. Yoga and meditation brought me to the magical world of mala beads and I finally found a tool to finding myself and the power within, to remembering that our true home is not a place but being connected with our heart. Combining my three passions, yoga, nature and artistic creation, AnnakaTaika was born from my desire to spread this empowering tool and create not only beautiful, but meaningful jewels; jewels for the soul.

AnnakaTaika is the combination of my name Annakatja and the word ’taika’ meaning ’magic’ in Finnish. This is not only my signature, but also a collective reminder of the power that resides within each one of us.
At home, I have a work corner, a desk in the corner of my luminous bedroom, with the morning sun shining through the large window. The view is of a calm and green neighbourhood with some forest and the elementary school. Sometimes I can hear birds singing and children playing in the background. I love to work in silence, as I can hear my thoughts, and I can feel and communicate better with the materials I work with.

I carefully handcraft each piece. I want the love and dedication I put into my work to be palpable; felt by the wearer. I carefully select only natural materials provided by Mama Earth, high quality non-dyed gemstones, natural silk, and fragrant sandalwood sourced directly from India, and I use eco-friendly packing.
Malabeads can be very helpful tools if meditation doesn’t come easy (like me). By concentrating on the beads and using mantras I was finally able to keep my mind from wandering.

I’m not a yoga teacher yet, but in the making. But I think we are all teachers of each other and ‘walking each other home’ as they say. The power of yoga is that everything magically unfolds if you just start practicing.

I’ve learned that our own limiting beliefs are our biggest obstacles. Identify your passions, have the courage to follow them, and be true to yourself. In your uniqueness lies your power.
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