Lucy Edge, yoga advocate and author of Yoga School Dropout, created the YogaClicks label as a stand for the best in yoga design.

We use super soft fabrics and touch worthy textures to help you find your peaceful place – whether you’re on your yoga mat, on the school run, or on the sofa.

We show the planet serious love. Environmental safeguarding, championing diversity, recycling and giving back. Animal suffering, never. Workplace wellbeing, always.

We make eco yoga mats in resonant colours to deepen your practice. We use eco-friendly materials that are also skin safe. We test our yoga mats to make sure they are non-slip and comfortable.

We hand make yoga bolsters, meditation cushions, wheat bags and lavender eye pillows where we live, in Norfolk. The eye pillows come plain or embroidered with positive intentions to help you relax, release and restore - choose from Namaste, Breathe and Gratitude, Peace, Love and Happy.

We are the home of ethical yoga loungewear - a Made by Yogis collection of sustainable yoga sweatshirts, yoga hoodies, and yoga t-shirts including Namaste t-shirts, Soul Sister tees, and of course, tees with a reminder to Breathe!

We also make chakra bracelets to help balance your chakras and set you in flow. Artisan made in Norfolk using real gemstones and sandalwood.
Halfmoon handmade bolsters and meditation cushions combine the best of handmade craftsmanship with the best of modern design. Equally at home as yoga props and as sitting room floor cushions, the pretty colours, sleek lines and modern designs inspire a feeling of spaciousness both inside and out.

It began in Veranasi, where Beth McTavish stood on the banks of the Ganges, watching yogis create stillness in the midst of chaos.

Back home in Vancouver, Beth started experimenting with cotton batting – turning it into handcrafted bolsters to use as props in her Iyengar practice. There followed a beautiful collection of handmade bolsters and mediation cushions inspired by modern design and the ancient values of yoga – non-violence, truthfulness, compassion and kindness.

Fast forward 30 years and Half Moon is sister to B Yoga – both Canadian companies founded by like-minded women, sharing the same yoga inspired values to create contemporary yoga mats, yoga bolsters and meditation cushions equally at home in the modern sitting room and home yoga room.

B Calm.
AnnakaTaika mala necklaces and mala bracelets bring beauty, joy, meaning and power to your meditation and yoga practice. Chief designer Annakatja handcrafts every piece of gemstone jewellery with love, care and devotion from her home studio in Espoo, Finland.

Taika is Finnish, meaning magic. Her name, Annakatja, combined with the word taika, celebrates the uniqueness of each piece and its empowering effect as a tool for concentration, calming and positive change.

Annakatja was first introduced to the healing world of mala beads through yoga and meditation. With the help of these sacred meditation tools she found a way to positive change in her life. Impressed by their power and meaning, and wanting to share that power, Annakatja began creating yoga jewellery for other people. She now has thousands of fans all over the world.
The creation of Alice Asquith, a third generation designer, Asquith is renowned for its beautifully soft bamboo clothing, Pilates wear and stylish yoga clothes.

Asquith London is one of the premier ethical yoga clothing brands in the UK. Everything - from yoga pants to yoga tops - is sustainably sourced, and all Asquith Pilates & yoga wear collections is ethical clothing - made using eco-friendly fabrics - think organic cotton yoga tops and bamboo yoga clothing.

A keen yoga and Pilates student, Alice has studied what happens on the mat - making yoga bras and yoga tank tops that are designed to stay in place during practice, and yoga pants and leggings that flatter all body shapes. Performance is also critical - bamboo is not only incredibly soft and comfortable, it is also a natural performance fabric - wicking away sweat and lasting a long long time - without fading, bobbling or stretching out of shape.

A busy woman with many friends and interests, Alice knows all about the importance of designing for the studio and the street. If it’s not already, her collection will soon be central to your everyday wardrobe - becoming much loved staples on and off the mat.
chaYkra was founded by sisters Priya and Divya with the vision of creating a yoga clothing brand combining comfort and style, whilst paying homage to yoga’s Indian roots and their heritage. chaYkra reflects our ‘Brindian’ identity, infusing classic British elegance with Indian vibrancy and colour. All of their clothes are made from breathable fabric and are super soft & comfy to help you relax and have a truly energising yoga practise.

Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘yug’, meaning ‘to join together.’ This principle is one of the key anchor values of their brand. Everyone involved in the production process is important and chaYkra want consumers to feel a connection with the source of their garments. In fact, a key motivation behind the brand’s creation was their desire to help the Indian community.

chaYkra is committed to the principles of fair trade and have gone to great lengths to ensure the materials and factories they use uphold the highest of ethical standards. They hope the brand values resonate with others.

When you choose to wear chaYkra clothes you are making a choice for sustainable, high quality and stylish yoga-wear.
Emma Slade is an ordained Buddhist nun, yoga and meditation teacher, and authour. She is based in Whitstable, Kent, but spends several months per year in Bhutan where she set up and runs her charity, Opening Your Heart to Bhutan.

Opening Your Heart To Bhutan is a UK-based charity which brings children with special needs joy and the opportunity to build meaningful lives within their communities.

Through simple, practical acts of compassion, the charity provides access to medical care, disability aids and basic amenities in the isolated rural East of Bhutan. It also empowers disabled young people by helping them access education and training. No-one is paid to run the charity - costs are kept at bare minimum to maximise funds going directly to those most in need.

To donate online or find out more about the charity's work, please visit
Olaf Tegeler is a dedicated Ashtanga practitioner whose creative process is influenced by his practice, traditional craftsmanship, myth and religion.

Along with fellow designers Cora Schwind and Werner Reimers, the Eternal Bliss collection, which is for men and women, employs beautiful forms and rich symbolism to confer inner strength and openness, guiding the wearer towards their own truth and harmony.

A perfectionist at heart, Olaf pays attention to the smallest details - from the Sanskrit lettering to the colours and form of the gemstones, maintaining each piece's authenticity and heightening its energy.
Christina Gill created Free Spirit whilst travelling the world, combining her passion & experience of both design & ethical production with yoga, and an infectious mission to inspire others to follow their dream, (to use their wings!) - Free Spirit was born!Yoga tank tops made from super soft bamboo and flattering yoga leggings made from plastic bottles, Free Spirit is a pioneer of cool, eco-friendly yoga clothing. Designed in Australia and made in ethical fairtrade factories in South India, which Christina visits frequently to ensure continued good standards, quality and working conditions.

Her yoga clothes are the last word in sustainable fashion. She offers organic and bamboo yoga clothing with luxurious softness and serious feel-good credentials, at very affordable prices. This is natural yoga clothing at it’s very best.

Free Spirit is also into social sustainability - Christina is a proud supporter of the HOPE Foundation; 5% of sales go to helping Indian children living in poverty go to school to learn and grow... to use their wings.
The principles of Yatay remain the same today as they were when it was originally conceived. Yoga is a natural and spiritual practice. It is very unnatural and not spiritual therefore to do it in contact with man-made materials, particularly those which might be hazardous to your health.

Yatay mats are lightweight, recyclable, latex and phthalate-free, anti-microbial and very grippy (with grip increasing as you sweat).

They believe quality products should be available to everyone, and while they are not quite able to give them away for free, they have done our best to make them accessible.

As part of the natural and organic construction and design of class-leading yoga mats, Yatay uses precision laser engraving for the palm tree logo which represents the brand. The level of detail is reflected throughout the entire design and production process.
UME is lead by Emma Leafe who began the brand after several years travelling – exploring temples, tea houses & sacred places across the globe. She began life training in the visual arts and in her late teens became drawn to the mystical arts of yoga, tai chi and spirituality. Her brand Ume, born in 2012, is committed to using the most high-quality ingredients when producing products.

The herbs used in Ume incense come from diverse parts of this planet: South East Asia, Indonesia, Korea, China, Tibet, as well as Europe, South America and Arabia. Ume are dedicated to seeking out artisans and independent businesses for the finest quality, ethical products - from herbs and plant material, to papers and printing. They also produce quality stoneware ceramics, botanical mists and package everything by hand at their London studio.

Acknowledging the team effort in gathering the raw materials from around the globe, believing boarders are first created in the mind and every human life has a value, they state their products are ‘made on Earth by humans'.
The Owl & The Apothecary make wonderful yoga gifts. They draw inspiration from the Dorset countryside, ancient rituals, and a love of living well to create unique wild & wonderful experiences. They handcraft ritual kits, candles & wellbeing products using natural herbs and organic essential oils, and charge them with high-vibe energy to bring you a beautiful, balanced & blessed experience.

Katy Theakston, the founder of The Owl & The Apothecary, ensures the products contain natural ingredients, chosen for their therapeutic properties and benefits for wellbeing. The essential oils in the Abundance Pulse Point and Wellbeing Pulse Point are Soil Association certified 100% organic, cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. Wherever possible, they use 100% recycled and recyclable materials for their packaging. From the candle makers to the materials Katy sources for workshops & events, she loves working with and supporting the wonderful small producers and suppliers in England.
Tara Lee teaches vinyasa flow yoga, pregnancy yoga and postnatal yoga. She is a registered senior teacher with Yoga Alliance UK and regularly appears on the Sky TV channel and Body in Balance.

The Evening Standard named her one of the top 5 teachers in the UK today, and her " pregnancy health yoga dvd released in a visualisation by celebrity birth guru dr gowri motha fast became the uk best-selling dvd. she is now one of country leading and postnatal teachers. tara lee has sold over dvds worldwide also author award-winning series elements yoga. been practising for years teaching years.
The creation of Marlene Smits, an ex Elle magazine editor, Urban Goddess is renowned for its super fun and funky yoga pants - inspired by the urban cool of Amsterdam, her hometown. The whole collection, of yoga leggings and yoga tops, is inspired by our modern city lives, urban and practical, and mostly busy. Recognising that we like clothes that can multi-task, all Urban Goddess yoga wear can be worn on and off the mat.

Honesty - a core Dutch value - also lies at the heart of the Urban Goddess brand. All their yoga clothes are made from organic cotton - this is sustainable and ethical clothing that respects both humans and the environment. They have happy and healthy workers that are treated and paid fairly, and they also work with the Salvation Army to recycle old yoga clothing.
Veroniek left her corporate career behind to self-fund Silatha. She began by commissioning the transformation of the Dorje, an ancient meditation symbol, into ten handcrafted necklaces. Each necklace is set with a different gemstone that nurtures an inner quality - from Love to Compassion, from Wisdom to Transcendence.

Secondly, to make meditation easier to practice in everyday life, she developed the Silatha Meditation Course App - a 21 day series of 15 minute guided meditations with different techniques to help you connect with and nurture your chosen inner quality.

Veroniek invites you to begin your own Silatha Journey and discover your own inner source of lasting fulfilment and happiness.
Sanatio Naturalis offers essential oil diffusers and 100% pure, natural and therapeutic essential oils for the skin, body and mind.

With a Latin name inspired by the healing power of nature, Sanatio Naturalis essential oils use raw materials with outstanding therapeutic powers and depth of fragrance. The Geranium comes from Egypt, Rose is cultivated in Bulgaria, the Lavender is from Haute Provence in France; Lemon is harvested in southern Italy and Frankincense in Somalia.

The aroma diffusers are handcrafted from glass or ceramic, adding a touch of natural elegance and luxury to any space. Ultrasonic technology produces a fine and cool fragrant mist.

With pride of place in any home yoga studio, this is the perfect gift for a yoga lover, but if you can’t bear to part with it, the aromatherapy diffuser also makes a wonderful year-round self-care idea.
Renegade Guru is an ethical yoga wear label with an edge. Their yoga clothes are made with high-quality organic fabrics with a dedication to function, comfort and masculinity. Renegade Guru is faithful to the meaning of yoga and her origin but in a super modern way.

Renegade Guru makes all of its yoga wear with the wellbeing of people and the environment in mind. Therefore, they want fair and organic production of our products. They work with several factories in Europe and Asia.

They only use GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) fabrics to produce their yoga wear. GOTS guarantees that the fabrics are made with no hazard to people, including good working conditions for the workers and no child labour. GOTS certification also means that during production their partners are mindful of their waste and pollution, and are not wasteful with energy. There are protocols in place that ensure a sensible environmental management system.
As yoga teachers with years of experience, the Phantai team know how important it is to have mats and leggings that enable us to get the most out of our practice, helping us express ourselves freely and authentically on, and off, the mat.

That's why their Mandala Yoga Mats combine all the qualities of the world's best yoga mats - cushioning, more space, ultra grip and alignment guidelines -  with a beautiful meditative design for inner peace and transformation. And that's why every legging in their collection is designed using fashionable, stretchy, moisture-wicking, ultra-soft fabric - so you'll feel comfortable, cool and fresh wherever you go.
Ohmme is a men's activewear brand. Focused on creating high-tech engineered garments for yoga, indoor and group sports. They use the latest advances in fabric technology and construction to improve performance and comfort.

Their roots in yoga have helped us to focus on creating well-designed clothing for all sports and activities. The garments are engineered for exceptional performance: using sustainably-sourced sweat-wicking, quick-drying fabrics that are both ultralight and super durable.

To bring you the best possible athletic experience, Ohmme thoughtfully considers every fabric, every design and every stitch, all to help you move with greater agility and maintain maximum performance.
Adrienne Enns, creator of May You Know Joy, is a Life Coach. The brave clients she works with are doing big things – starting new businesses, making significant life changes, navigating new relationships, overcoming really old belief systems. They are passionate and inspired – they want to clear their paths, connect with their power and navigate toward joy – that’s what she helps them do.

She believes in joy and life’s raw beauty. She believes that everything is happening for us. She knows our thoughts are powerful so we have to use them for our best intentions and create the most inspired and empowered life we can imagine.

The artist in Adrienne was inspired to create the May You Know Joy meditation cards and Seeds of Intention cards for those who want a daily dose of reflection and intention. She wants to see people do incredible things and speak their truth.
Mantra is meaningful jewellery, designed to inspire and uplift. Each piece symbolises a specific mantra, intended to make a positive impact on the way that you feel.

Wearing a piece of Mantra Jewellery changes how you feel, and how you act: buy it for yourself, to prompt you to be your best self. Buy it as a powerful and thoughtful gift for someone you love, to show them how you feel.

Mantras are powerful phrases, which change your mindset. They reassure, they comfort, they inspire and uplift, they motivate. Most powerfully of all, they bring self-belief. Hold onto your piece of jewellery, and repeat its mantra to yourself, when you need inspiration.
Manduka believes that the practice and the planet are intertwined. To honour one, they honour both.

In 1997, Peter Sterios, an architect turned yogi, discovered a simple, elegantly designed black mat whose combination of firm grip and complete support revolutionized his yoga practice. In honour of the yoga masters who inspired him, he sought to share this amazing product with others.The quality and performance of Manduka mats and yoga accessories are still unmatched in the marketplace. They are still crafted using simple, enduring, natural, and whenever possible, renewable materials and a fine attention to detail. Manduka is a company built by and for yoga teachers and their students.

Since the beginnings of the Black Mat, Manduka has been inspired and guided by a responsibility to reduce global consumption by making better products that last longer. They are constantly searching for innovative partners and updated technologies to further respect the land upon which we place our mats and our intentions.
Lotuscrafts stand for beauty, clarity and handcrafted workmanship. Whether you’re using one of Lotuscraft’s yoga mats, yoga bolsters or meditation cushions, you will feel good in every sense of the word.
Nicola, the brains behind A Life More Inspired, is a Creative Mentor and certified life coach, mum and former people pleaser. After starting her own self-development journey she has gone from a woman lacking in confidence, believing she had no control over her life and that dreams were strictly reserved for the land of nod... to someone who is making things happen and showing up as wholeheartedly and unapologetically herself.

Nicola is on a mission to help women be more of themselves and encourage self-worth, affirmations were such a big part of her journey that she wanted to share the love with the world and so started creating affirmation merchandise.

A Life More Inspired donates 10% of the profits from the sale of each card pack to Love Support Unite/Love Specs.