Ethical Shopping


Yatay is a British yoga equipment Brand, registered under The Perfect Palm Tree Company Ltd. 

The principles of Yatay remain the same today as they were when it was originally conceived. Yoga is a natural and spiritual practice. It is very unnatural and not spiritual therefore to do it in contact with man-made materials, particularly those which might be hazardous to your health. 

Most yoga mats are flawed. We wanted to change this. We learnt the biggest problems yogis experienced and remedied them such as the mat stretching in some positions - downward dog for instance - which can bring you out of alignment and into the danger of getting injured.

In addition to this, we made our mats lightweight, recyclable, latex and phthalate free, anti-microbial and very grippy (with grip increasing as you sweat.)

Our mats come in 5 unique colours, with the option of adding on one of our colour co-ordinated Organic Cotton Carrying Straps.

We believe quality products should be available to everyone, and while we are not quite able to give them away for free, we have done our best to make them accessible.


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