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UME are London based designers who produce premium grade Natural Incense Sticks, Handmade Incense Holders & 100% Plant Based Atmosphere Mists using only the finest raw aromatic plant materials and quality stoneware clays. Earth-conscious principles set the standard, as well as their signature minimalistic zen-style aesthetics.
UME incense sticks are made according to the Art of Incense, which is one of the four ancient arts of The East along with: Flower Arranging, The Way of Tea, & Calligraphy. Incense is an essential part of daily life to many indigenous cultures across the globe and Ume aims to uncover these practices to share with you, offering your healing tools of relaxation, calm and beauty.
UME is lead by Emma Leafe who began the brand after several years travelling – exploring temples, tea houses & sacred places across the globe. She began life training in the visual arts and in her late teens became drawn to the mystical arts of yoga, tai chi and spirituality. Her brand Ume, born in 2012, is committed to using the most high-quality ingredients when producing products. The herbs used in Ume incense come from diverse parts of this planet: South East Asia, Indonesia, Korea, China, Tibet, as well as Europe, South America and Arabia. Ume are dedicated to seeking out artisans and independent businesses for the finest quality, ethical products -  from herbs and plant material, to papers and printing. They also produce quality stoneware ceramics, botanical mists and package everything by hand at their London studio. Acknowledging the team effort in gathering the raw materials from around the globe, believing boarders are first created in the mind and every human life has a value, they state their products are ‘made on Earth by humans'.



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