Starseeds’ signature is natural yoga clothing and slow fashion. Think stylish, sustainable, and super comfortable yoga clothes and loungewear. This is the most feel-good yoga gear on the planet - in every sense of the word. 

There is 100% commitment to environmental sustainability. Every pair of yoga pants and every yoga top is made with ultra soft environmental friendly fabric - there’s bamboo yoga clothing, organic yoga clothing and even recycled coffee clothing (coffee waste+ recycled polyester) for a fully caffeinated flow.

Starseeds’ are also big on social sustainability - chief designer Natalia only works with 100% ethical manufacturers in Poland and Portugal, and visits regularly to check on working conditions.

The brand’s mantra is ‘The lightness of being’ - an expression of living in a more enlightened, mindful way. And to be conscious and mindful within the clothing industry is all about paying more attention to how things are made and how the whole process affects the environment. 

Clothing tags are woven in a silky touch bamboo tape, and the paper hangtags are made of plantable recycled seeded paper.


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