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SoloSol Movement is the creation of yoga loving sisters, Charlene & Trina Solomon. Founded in 2014, with the inspiration to create active wear that blended fashion, fitness and functionality. 

It was on one of their adventures together that the idea for SoloSol Movement was born. Charlene & Trina decided to hike Mt. Whitney (14,505 feet). They spent weekends hiking and camping together to train for the big day. It was during these practice hikes that they realized how much being sisters connected them on a deeper level and allowed them to work together with ease.

It was also during this time that they discussed the importance of clothing. Clothing is not just functional. Clothing is expression. What you wear allows you to convey your style. It can boost your mood. It can improve your day. They started to imagine the possibilities of what they could create. With this mindset, they set out to design activewear for the adventure seeking, wild hearted, and free spirited!

Their collections are designed with an emphasis on figure flattering fits and fabric that moves with your body. Each collection tells a story with captivating colors and limited edition unique prints. Each print is conceptualized and custom designed by the sisters. They strive to create styles that balance comfort, functionality and style. Many of their designs blur the lines between activewear and everyday wear, allowing you to transition from your workout to the rest of your day with ease.

Charlene & Trina have always been dreamers! They encourage you to create the life you want to live!


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