Veroniek left her corporate career behind to self-fund Silatha - home of the Dorje spiritual necklace and accompanying meditation course app - the perfect meditation set. An ancient meditation symbol, the Dorje necklace is the perfect way to nurture your chosen inner quality - from the freedom inspiring black onyx necklace (and matching onyx bracelet) to a tigers eye necklace for will power and self-esteem.

Meditation bracelets include the Reflection Bracelet (with machalite) and the Trust your Journey Bracelet (with lapus lazuli). Choose by colour (don't miss the dramatic black jewellery sets), or by jewel - including amethyst jewellery sets for inner peace and balance. 

The Silatha Meditation Course App comes free with every purchase - a 21 day series of 15 minute guided meditations to help you connect with and nurture your chosen inner quality. 

Veroniek invites you to begin your own Silatha Journey and discover your own inner source of lasting fulfilment and happiness.

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