Selfish Darling


Selfish Darling is a space for all you Darlings with a life full of selfless obligations but not a lot of time for self-care which can lead to emptiness and depression. We want to share all our knowledge on well-being and purpose, to improve your inner strength. Spending time on nurturing yourself will mean you’ll have more love and energy to give back.

Learning to get to know your own mind and accept yourself leads to self-empowerment and improves your self-esteem. We’ll show you how to find happiness from within and give you the tools for self-satisfaction for you to attract all the beautiful things in life.

In our space, you’re allowed to be selfish; recharge your energy, shift your focus and just be – which will ultimately help you be the best Darling you can be to others around you, but most importantly, to yourself.

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