Sanatio Naturalis

Sanatio Naturalis


Sanatio Naturalis offers essential oil diffusers, 100% pure essential oils including ylang yang and peppermint oils, and flowering tea gift sets.

With a Latin name inspired by the healing power of nature, Sanatio Naturalis essential oils use raw materials with outstanding therapeutic powers and depth of fragrance. The Geranium essential oil comes from Egypt, Rose essential oil is cultivated in Bulgaria, the Lavender oil is from Haute Provence in France; Lemon essential oil is harvested in southern Italy and Frankincense essential oil in Somalia.

The aroma diffusers and diffuser lamps are handcrafted from glass or ceramic, adding a touch of natural elegance and luxury to any space. Ultrasonic aroma diffuser technology produces a fine and cool fragrant mist.

With pride of place in any home yoga studio, this is the perfect gift for a yoga lover, but if you can’t bear to part with it, the aromatherapy diffuser also makes a wonderful year-round self-care idea. 

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