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Rock Your World is based in Germany and founded by Hanneke Peeters and partners. Hanneke thought that we should take care of ourselves. Sit down for five minutes in silence. Listen to what your body has to tell you. Who are you? Where are you? What do you feel? Is it tension, is it fear? Maybe you are very satisfied. Notice it, allow it and let it be. Everything is good.

And in this silence, smell plays an important role. Fragrances evoke memories or create memories. This is where their products come in. The combination of essential oils and crystals - their products contain and are 'matured' on crystals - makes it a very powerful tool to obtain inner peace. This way five minutes of consciousness per day can get an important place in your daily life. Perhaps even the most important place.

Rock Your World does not only consist of products. It is a lifestyle. They offer tips and advice in the field of body, mind and soul. About love in all forms, ayurvedic approaches, mindfulness and personal development. Let's rock this journey.

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