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Based on the ancient Indian healing system of the chakras, Positivitea is a range of seven delicious herbal teas blended to bring the balance back, one chakra at a time.

Says Positivitea creator Ellie, "Put simply the chakras are the energy centres of the body. When they are balanced you feel positive, healthy and happy. Each tea has been specifically blended to help the smooth running of a particular chakra or counteract the ailments associated with its imbalance. For example, the heart chakra blend (LOVE) has hawthorn in it which strengthens the muscles of the heart and the third eye chakra (IMAGINE) has eyebright which strengthens the retinas of the eyes."

The inspiration came from a yoga class which focused on the root chakra (for grounding and security). Ellie came out of that class wanting a tea to help compliment the practice. Says Ellie, "I remember thinking how ludicrous it was that there wasn’t a brand of teas that helped balance the chakras considering how popular yoga was (and is) and that was the moment Positivitea was born. Well actually that was the “a-ha” moment – the name Positivitea came to me on the bus on the way home!"


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