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May You Know Joy

Adrienne Enns, creator of May You Know Joy, is a Life Coach. The brave clients she works with are doing big things – starting new businesses, making significant life changes, navigating new relationships, overcoming really old belief systems. They are passionate and inspired – they want clear their paths, connect with their power and navigate toward joy – that’s what she helps them do.

She believes in joy and life’s raw beauty. She believes that everything is happening for us. She knows our thoughts are powerful so we have to use them for our best intentions and create the most inspired and empowered life we can imagine.

The artist in Adrienne was inspired to create the May You Know Joy meditation cards and Seeds of Intention cards for those who want a daily dose of reflection and intention. She wants to see people do incredible things and speak their truth.

Connect with Adrienne on YogaClicks and read her #PoweredByYoga story!

'A simple way to way bring joy into your life and to spread joy among others is by daily use of May you Know Joy meditation cards and intention cards.  The joyfully inspirational doses of wisdom will have you focused on living with intent, and being mindful of your thoughts and emotions.

These little gems of positivity were created by Adrienne Enns Edgar who calls herself the Chief Joy Curator of the May You Know Joy company.  The joy that Adrienne brings into her own life hasn’t come easily.  “Desperately trying to live up to unrealistic demands from the world around me, I checked in less and less with my feelings, my dreams, my purpose and myself.  I went through the motions and numbed out my feelings as best I could until I couldn’t. I was running on empty. I was miserable and completely depleted.  At a very bleak moment, a gentle voice (or whatever it was) let me know that it was time for a complete overhaul and I could do it – I had to do it. But, I had to do it by myself for myself.”  And she did.

Believing that, “Joy is a choice,”  Adrienne now lives each day with intention and on purpose, as a life coach and creator of the May You Know Joy company. Spreading joy with beautifully designed Intention cards, meditation cards, and a joyful book entitled Meditations for Everyday Living, Adrienne is living her belief and making joy a choice.'

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