Mala beads are not simply jewels. They are tools for meditation, mindfulness and yoga practice and help to create space for positive changes to take place.

Malatopia creates artisan spiritual jewellery with intention. Infused with love, mantra and moonlight. Always made from genuine gemstones, sandalwood and rudraksha. Designed and handcrafted in Switzerland.

Each mala is created by yogis with loving care using quality materials from around the Globe. Whether you're a dedicated yogi, mindfully meditating or simply enjoy the beauty of the beads, Malatopia has gemstone jewellery to suit every occasion on and off the yoga mat.

The founder of Malatopia, Rachel Sundström, has been a dedicated yogini for over eighteen years and shares her love of yoga when she is not tapping into her creative spirit through teaching from her beautiful yoga studio in the heart of Herrliberg, Switzerland or offering Yoga Retreats in Ibiza.

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