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Lucy Edge

Lucy Edge is the founder of YogaClicks and the author of three yoga themed novels, including the first of the yogi memoirs, the best selling Yoga School Dropout.

She worked in advertising for many years; spending her days debating whether the Jolly Green Giant should extend his vocabulary beyond ‘ho, ho, ho’ and her evenings eating M&S ready meals for one. One day she gave it all up in favour of a quest for life’s deeper meaning in the yoga schools of India. Yoga School Dropout records her encounters with Gucci clad gurus, hugging mothers and swoony swamis as she searches, ever more desperately, for mystic Indians, Tantric bliss and a boyfriend.

Now married and living in Norfolk, Lucy spends her days making YogaClicks the best of websites and her weekends writing books. Down Dog Billionaire is her first novel. And yes, she wears the t-shirt. 


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