Lovetree Co.

Lovetree Co.


Lovetree Co. is a purpose-driven, ethical fashion company, which makes beautiful handmade, high quality, fair trade products, including; fine beaded, hand-knotted jewellery and accessories in India.

Lovetree develop's products that create sustainability within the communities where they are made. The jewellery is handmade by women who were formally disenfranchised, from difficult backgrounds and in need of opportunity and employment. They have been empowered through an economic development and women empowerment program directed by Khusi Hona, a non-profit organization who envisions a world where the cycle of poverty is replaced by a cycle of progress.

Their main focus is currently in partnership with Aarsaa Trust working with the rag picking and slum community in Dehradun, India. The program’s facility serves as a safe, clean environment for women with at-risk backgrounds to come and be empowered through training, employment, and business development.

Together, Lovetree Co, Khusi Hona and Aasraa Trust work to motivate and mentor these women in entrepreneurial thinking. The overall focus is to empower through skills training and education. The strategic partnership of these 3 organizations provides women with an opportunity to learn, grow and thrive.

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