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Laura Thomas Co


Pure Soy Coastal Candles, Lime and Basil Scented Diffusers

The Laura Thomas Company home is a lighthouse - the perfect spot for founder Laura Thomas to soak up the scents of the Scottish coast and coastline, and design the pure soya candles and essential oil diffusers that infuse us with the same sense of wellbeing. 

Her coastal candles and refillable scent diffusers are hand poured in small batches using pure soy wax blended with pure essential oils, to create a superior “scent throw”. 

Laura Thomas scented candles have been recognised as some of the best ‘clean’ candles in the UK, featuring in The Times’ and in the Scotsman newspapers.

YogaClicks’ favourites? The Lavender Pillow Spray, the Coastal Candles collection, the Lime and Basil Scented Diffuser, and the Lavender Scent Diffuser. 

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