Ekotex Yoga

Abbie Sweet put her experience working at yoga props specialist The Yoga Shop to good use. When that chapter closed she created Ekotex Yoga - using the unique insight she had gained into what yoga teachers and students want from their yoga equipment. By happy coincidence what they wanted was also what she wanted to make. A range of eco-friendly, high-quality yoga equipment that was accessible to all.

She was six months pregnant with her son when she launched - which may explain why she has such a big fan base of yogi mothers. Perhaps they were initially drawn by her yoga mat collaboration with yoga teacher Tara Lee - the beautifully pink, and epically comfortable Bump Mat - which won a gold at the Mother & Baby Awards, and is fab even if you’re not pregnant!

Ekotex Yoga isn’t limited to stunning organic and eco yoga mats. Abbie’s yoga supplies run to yoga mat bags, yoga bolsters and meditation cushions - all in gorgeous primary colours, all using organic cotton. She also stocks yoga accessories like yoga belts and yoga towels. Like Smarties in a jar, but much healthier!

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