Ethical Shopping


Lara Sengupta founded CorkYogis in 2016. Lara has always been a yoga lover and wanted to combine her love for all things yogi and her passion for giving back to vulnerable communities in India.

After a recent trip to India to see relatives, she was starting to get frustrated with the depth of her practice. She knew that there was a deeper level to yoga and the meaning behind yogic principles that she wasn’t experiencing in her yoga classes. She wanted to be connected to something deeper. This is when she thought of creating a giving loop where yoga in the west can give back to vulnerable communities in the east. 

She chose Destiny Foundation - a charity working with survivors of human trafficking. For every natural CorkYogis mat purchased, she makes a contribution towards a training course for one girl. For every CorkYogis bag purchased, she provides work which creates steps towards financial independence.

She combined this giving loop with a super grip, eco-friendly cork yoga mat. Her cork yoga mats are both planet-friendly and offer an amazing natural space to develop your yoga practice.

Read her #PoweredByYoga story!


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