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Bare Sandals

Anna Monasterski of Bare Sandals creates one off, handcrafted foot jewellery for all us yogis who love to walk barefoot in nature – on the beach and on retreat.  

Working out of her home in New Jersey, she is the mastermind of handcrafted precision - making sure that each and every pair is beautifully made, just for YOU. Says Anna, "We believe all women are beautiful from the inside out. Each and every one of us is constantly on the run. Because of this, often times, our feet are beat up, neglected, and worn out by the everyday life. Bare Sandals believes that YOU are beautiful - from your head to all the way down to your toes. We want to help you show off that inner beauty, while keeping you connected to the Earth and nature. Our sandals do just that. You will feel confident, sexy, and unique while wearing Bare Sandals outside, in your yard, or at a yoga class. At the same time, the sandals won’t be in your way of feeling the nature around your toes, and experiencing life your way."

We can’t wait for you to receive your own pair of Bare Sandals and adorn your feet with our one of a kind, unique foot jewellery, handcrafted just for you.


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