YOGA FOR Neck pain


Whether you’ve got a bad neck because you’re stressed or because you spend your days slumped over a computer, yoga can be an effective neck pain treatment. 

Yoga teaches us awareness of our bad posture – our habit of sitting with a curved spine and rounded shoulders. When we notice how we sit and stand, we take the first steps to improving our posture and alignment. 

Yoga asana (physical postures) can help us gently stretch muscles to release the tension that causes neck pain. Practiced consciously, these slow movements on the breath can also calm the nervous system. 

Clinical studies suggest that yoga can improve range of motion and give sufferers a greater sense of control, renewing participation in active life. 

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What the clinical studies say


  • Better coping strategies 
  • Greater emotional acceptance 
  • Improved body awareness 
  • Increased perceived control 
  • Renewed participation in an active life 
  • Significant improvement in Cervical Range of Motion (CROM) 
  • Significant improvement in Disability of Arm, Shoulder and Hands (DASH) score 
  • Significant improvement in Neck Disability Index (NDI) 
  • Significant improvement in Pressure Pain Threshold (PPT) for Trigger Points Significant improvement in Visual Analogue Scale (VAS)