YOGA FOR Muscular Dystrophy


Although there is no cure, yoga can help to ease the symptoms of Muscular Dystrophy and improve quality of life. 

Yoga’s gentle movements in combination with pranayama (breathing techniques) can improve muscle tone and reduce pain, increasing the flow of oxygen, nutrients, and energy through the body, and enabling the more efficient expulsion of toxins. 

Yoga, meditation and mindfulness can also help alleviate the depression and anxiety that characterise this debilitating illness. Calming the mind, and perhaps attending classes with fellow sufferers, can better enable the patient to cope with hope and energy. 

There’s very limited clinical research in this area but the available evidence points towards pranayama as a potential way to improve pulmonary function in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

What the clinical studies say


  • Improves pulmonary function