YOGA FOR Menopause


When women reach the menopausal age it’s often also a time of great stress – with many demands on time and emotions. Children are leaving home for the first time, a career may not have gone according to plan leaving money tight, parents may be ill, and close relationships can be under huge pressure. There are also the physical and emotional challenges of growing older (thinning bones, hair, loss of muscle mass, etc.), and feeling less attractive. 

Yoga can help us deal with all these menopausal issues. It can lower cortisol levels, which improves bone strength and density. The physical postures can build muscle and fitness, and can help to address postural issues. Breathing techniques, or pranayama, can help bring the mind back to the present moment, enabling us to tackle problems head on without dwelling too much on what might be. 

Yoga can also help us learn that changes are inevitable, and to accept them with peace and equanimity. 

Clinical studies point towards yoga as a helpful treatment for menopause. It can reduce the frequency and severity of symptoms including hot flushes/flashes, and can improve sleep quality.

What the clinical studies say


  • Improves sleep quality 
  • Reduces frequency of flushes/flashes 
  • Reduces severity of flushes/flashes 
  • Reduces severity of symptoms