Yoga for high blood pressure


Stress leads us to make the bad choices that raise blood pressure – working long hours, eating the wrong food, drinking too much, smoking. Yoga, pranayama (breathing exercises), meditation and mindfulness can help reduce stress levels and, as a result, lower blood pressure. 

 Yoga can also work by bringing more awareness to our bad habits. When we notice the impact of those habits on how we feel we can take the first step on the journey to more healthy choices. 

Clinical studies suggest that yoga is a useful high blood pressure treatment. It can significantly reduce blood pressure, reducing the need for medication, and improving quality of life. In combination with drugs it can also control body weight.

What the clinical studies say


  • A drug and yoga regime controls body weight 
  • A drug and yoga regime controls pulse rate 
  • A drug and yoga regime controls systolic and diastolic blood pressure 
  • Decline in diastolic blood pressure amongst those practicing at home Improvement in quality of life amongst those practicing at home 
  • Reduction in antihypertensive drug requirements 
  • Significantly reduces blood pressure