About Yoga for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

While the exact cause is not yet known, chronic fatigue syndrome sufferers often report being highly stressed for years before finally burning out. Learning to cope with the condition can also be a stressful experience, and putting the pressure on to get better makes matters worse. 

Yoga, meditation and mindfulness can help in a number of ways. Restorative Yoga may be the best place to start as the first task is to learn to relax and listen to the body. Introducing gentle yoga postures slowly, over time, can help stretch tense muscles and build strength. Meditation and yogic breathing techniques, or pranayama, can help still the mind, increasing clarity and self-awareness, so that healthier lifestyle habits can be introduced. 

Clinical studies suggest that yoga and mindfulness reduce fatigue, and pain in sufferers. Mindfulness has also been linked to a reduction in anxiety and catastrophic thinking, as well as improving physical function and quality of life.

What the clinical studies say


  • Reduces fatigue (POMS and Chalder’s FS scores decreased significantly) 
  • Reduces pain

  • Alleviates depression 
  • Improves physical function 
  • Improves quality of life 
  • Reduces anxiety 
  • Reduces catastrophic thinking 
  • Reduces fatigue